2009 Workshop & AGM in Melbourne

 All Victorian HSPers welcome

HSPRF President Robin Bligh writes …..

HSP knows no boundaries or borders.  The small global HSP community includes people of every race and nation on earth.  Our even smaller Australian HSP community is spread out over our vast continent.

When the HSPRF was formed in 2005, one of the challenges was finding ways to build community given the small numbers, vast distances and nil resources.  Not surprisingly a lot of focus has been on mail, email and the website as ways to get and stay connected.  But we have managed to come together face-to-face once a year for a Workshop & Annual General Meeting in Sydney.The Workshop has an educational focus, with the different segments reproduced on the website for all.  The AGM has a constitutional and legal requirement to be attended by a quorum of members and for elections to be held.

It has always been the desire to make this get-together widely accessible to the HSP community, and this year we are expanding that by holding it in Victoria – a reflection of the interest shown in last year’s Workshop program from HSPers there.

The Workshop & AGM will be on Sunday, 16 August at Northcott Town Hall.  I warmly invite all Victorians in the HSP community to attend, and of course, all HSPRF members will be formally invited and welcome as always.  Sydney will also hold a Workshop on Sunday, 25 October.

I look forward to meeting as many Victorians who can make it there as possible.