2010 Fundraising $84,965

In 2010, together we raised a grand total of $84,965 to help fund the first year of the new stem cell research project that started in January 2011. A big warm thank you and well done to those who contributed and especially to those who initiated or helped with fundraising events on our behalf.

Although we fell short of our $100,000 funding obligation target, this will not slow up the research. However we will need to make an extra effort this year to make up the shortfall. If you were not able to give last year, please make a commitment to give generously this year when we ask you in three months time.

If you are thinking of supporting us this year through a sponsored event, you may get some good ideas over at the Everyday Hero website. Get a group together — family, friends, work colleagues, people from your community — to discuss the idea of doing something together to raise funds for HSP research.

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