2011 fundraising target in sight

As we head into the holiday season, think about these 2 things regarding funding of the stem cell research study… please Give Generously to make sure we achieve this year’s target… and ask about Workplace Giving where you work.


Excellent Investment

Read the stem cell research progress report in this edition. It is difficult to escape the conclusion that funding this project has been, and is, an excellent investment.


$12,000 to go… please Give Generously!

In the last edition of the website in September, there was an article about how the stem cell research is funded.

At the time $93,000 had been raised towards our $115,000 target for the year. Since then, the Flack Trust has given $10,000 as a philanthropic grant, the same as they did last year. Our sincere and heartfelt thanks to them for their continuing support!

That leaves us with an even more achievable target of $12,000 to raise by the end of the month. Please give generously!


Workplace Giving

Many organisations in Australia choose one or a number of charities to support, while others leave it up to their workers to decide where their money goes, based on a matching model of workplace giving.

Workers can choose to contribute on a one-off, weekly or monthly basis to the charity of their choice, with the company providing matching funds dollar for dollar.

The beauty of this approach is twofold… firstly, people can choose to support the HSP Research Foundation, and secondly, there is a multiplier effect as every dollar you give turns into two with the matching.

Ask about Workplace Giving where you work!


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