2012 City to Surf

Rebecca & Lili-Hope

Mother and daughter team excel

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Rebecca Frost and her daughter Lili-Hope ran in this year’s City to Surf race in Sydney to raise funds  for the Foundation.

They entered because Rebecca’s uncle, Chris Hall, has HSP. Chris has completed the race 9 times before, last year using his walker and finishing in 7 hours, but not at all daunted by coming in last. As he could not compete this year, Rebecca and Lili-Hope decided to take up the challenge where Chris left off.


Here is their story:

Lili-Hope pre-event

“Running in the City 2 Surf this year was incredibly rewarding for both my daughter and me. Not only did we raise money for the HSP Foundation in doing so, but also really enjoyed the atmosphere from start to finish. In the morning the Hyde Park starting area was buzzing with pre-race excitement whilst we awaited our start time with the whole of College Street slowly but eventually totally packing out.


tired but happy!

Once we started to funnel out onto William Street, runners stripped down, launching their unwanted jumpers in the general direction of the sidelines where they were hurriedly collected by Smith Family volunteers. Throughout the 14Kms we enjoyed many musical surprises with bands from rock through big sound system techno to Dixieland and also managed to refuel a couple of times at the gatorade pit stops. Many residents cheered us on as we went along, some of whom also had offerings of homemade biscuits and lollies.


Heartbreak Hill did just keep on giving, but I must say I am with Uncle Chris on this one – that it has been given an unfair reputation. That being said, Lili tells me her best memory from the day was once we got to the top of the hill because then she knew it had finally finished! Despite the immense crowds, Lili-Hope and I were able to finish the run in 1 hour and 34 minutes and received our medals. We were met at the finish line by both my partner Christian and Uncle Chris, we were all then given a ride back to our Aunt’s place where we all enjoyed a delicious family lunch with several other family members.

Lili-Hope & Rebecca with Uncle Chris


Now that Lili-Hope and I have set the example, for next years’ City 2 Surf I am looking forward to making a family team of runners, which may take a little convincing, so wish us luck!! All in all it’s been a fantastic experience and nourishing for all involved – we are looking forward to the next one already!!

Bex and Lili-Hope”


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