2018 Survey of HSPers now available

Posted - December 2018 in Living with HSP - Management & Treatment News

Focus on symptoms, sleep, activities, misdiagnosis


Adam Lawrence

If you haven’t taken this survey before, take 20 minutes to help contribute to a valuable body of knowledge about HSP.


The annual survey of HSPers put together by Adam Lawrence, Chairman of the UK HSP Support Group and an HSPer himself, is now available to be taken.

2018 Survey Now Open

The focus for this survey is understanding:

* HSP Symptoms

* Sleep

* Activities of Daily Living

* Support group membership and Progress tracking

* Misdiagnosis


Check out Adam’s blog as over 200 responses have already been received and some preliminary results are listed.


SOURCE: http://hspjourney.blogspot.com/2018/09/2018-survey-open.html

Adam Lawrence

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