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 Sharon and grand daughter Annabelle

Sharon and grand daughter Annabelle

Hi there, I’m Sharon and have had HSP symptoms all my life, having many “medically guessed” diagnoses over the years such as Clicky Hips, Cerebral Palsy and Spina Bifida. Finally in my early 50’s, I got myself genetically tested and tested positive to the SPG3A gene. Mind you though, Spina Bifida was always easier to explain when ask “What happened to you?”… I am very grateful that my only child, Jamie, tested negative . Talking of my daughter, Jamie is a beautiful grown woman now with a hubby and 3 children of her own, all of which are SPG3A negative…


The grandchildren

The grandchildren

Having HSP is just a small setback in my life… I have never let it stop me from doing anything I wanted to give a go. I am very happily married to Steve, I became a mum, even though the doctors thought that was a bad idea, but I went ahead and became a mum anyway. Proved those doubting doctors wrong and gave birth to a perfectly healthy, did I mention beautiful baby girl. Fast forward a couple of decades I became a nanna to Annabelle now 13yrs, Sam 11yrs and Isaac 9yrs, oh and mother-in-law to Pat.


Hubby and I live in the NSW Hunter region. I travelled to the Ayers Rock and toured the Northern Territory with a girlfriend of mine for a 3 week road trip in a motor home, then went to New Zealand for another road trip, while in NZ, I went white water jet skiing, bungee jumped and took a helicopter ride, just to name a few things…

My HSP pales into insignificance when I think about how good life is for me.

Regards Shaz


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  1. Peter posted at 9:34 am on 2 June 2016Reply

    Hi Sharon!

    Good onya for having a go, it’s people like you that inspire us HSPers to try and live normal lives. Even though doing some things are very difficult for us, sometimes it’s mind over matter. I have 2 grandchildren and love them to bits.


  2. Mario posted at 4:01 am on 3 June 2016Reply

    Hello to all and all, I’m Mario, 61 years, I live in Quebec, Canada.
    My mother and two sisters were living with HSP. Today I do too.
    I have a specialist. I am independent and walk. For a long time I have been exercising, stretching leg muscles and especially walking and I keep my morale up. I take baclofen. I am optimistic in life. I have had a heart attack, diabetes, bad cholesterol and a benign tumour in the right ear with complications of tinnitus, loss of balance, partial deafness.

    Do not let go! Keep walking forward.

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