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Daisy the dog and Aleacia


Daisy and Aleacia
Daisy and Aleacia

Young HSP community member Aleacia, who has been featured in our Community Member Profiles on the website, is happy and relieved with a positive ending after her pet dog Daisy swallowed a ball recently. Here is the story as reported in the Herald Sun:


Pet Medical Crisis Fund, RSPCA helps family pay bill after Daisy swallowed a ball

Jack Paynter, Herald Sun

IT was a distressing night for Aleacia when her best friend, Daisy, swallowed a ball and had to spend a night at the vet’s.

Aleacia, 10, who has suffered from hereditary spastic paraplegia, a progressive motor neurone disease, since birth, saved all her birthday, Christmas and pocket money for two years to buy herself the dog.

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Amber the horse and Lydia


Amber and Lydia
Amber and Lydia

Birmingham UK 15-year-old HSPer, Lydia Grace, shows her horse Amber competitively in what is called the horse in hand event. This is where the horse is led around rather than being ridden. Here is her story:


Crutches no barrier to in-hand showing competitor


WHILE Welsh cob Gwenfythen Amber may have been impressing the judges in the show ring, it’s his owner Lydia Grace who has been attracting the most attention.

Despite relying on crutches to walk, the Birmingham-based 15-year-old has become adept at showing her horse in hand.

Lydia, who suffers from hereditary spastic paraparesis, has ridden since she was five but only took up in-hand showing last year.
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