Alan Mackay-Sim receives worldwide recognition

Key player in spinal cord repair breakthrough


Prof. Alan Mackay-Sim
Prof. Alan Mackay-Sim


Prof Alan Mackay-Sim, who heads up the HSP research team at Griffith University, has received worldwide recognition and praise for his key role in the world’s first successful restoration of walking ability in someone with a severed spinal cord.


Nasal stem cells, as used in HSP research, were employed in repairing the severed spinal cord in an operation performed in Poland. Prof Mackay-Sim is a recognised global authority on nasal stem cells and has brought his expertise to bear on the problem of repairing severed spinal cords over many years.


Spinal cord repair patient
Spinal cord repair patient

A quadriplegic Bulgarian man with no ability to walk since severing his spinal cord in an accident is now learning to walk again following the successful surgical procedure.


The story received global media coverage in late October. Here is an editorial focused on Prof Mackay-Sim from The Australian newspaper in late October.




Editors Note: There is no relevance of this successful treatment for severed spinal cords to treating HSP. This article is to highlight the standing and prominence of Prof Mackay-Sim and provide warranted confidence that the HSP research program supported by this Foundation is in the best hands available anywhere in the world.


  1. I like a lot of other people will be watching to see how Prof Mackay and his team go with the next stage with HSP research program.

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