Annual General Meeting held online

Opportunity to participate welcomed


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20 community members from 4 Australian States and the USA took the opportunity to participate in the first AGM of the Foundation to be held online.


Whilst affordable web conferencing services using the Internet are far from perfect, the online format gave equal opportunity for community members to participate no matter where they live.


Resolutions passed at the meeting include the adoption of a revised and updated Privacy Policy that deals with the realities of handling and keeping digital personal and medical information both secure and confidential. A revised Foundation Constitution that much better reflects and provides guidance for doing business electronically was also adopted by the meeting.


The highlight of the meeting was a guest appearance by Prof Alan Mackay-Sim who discussed the HSP research program and answered questions that people had for him.


Participants were asked to evaluate the meeting at its conclusion and gave it an averaged rating of 4.4 out of 5.

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