Aquatic therapy for HSP

Of all the forms of exercise available to HSPers, aquatic therapy, or exercising in water is just about the safest and most beneficial.

If you have access to a hydrotherapy facility, swimming pool, or even a lake or creek when the water is warm enough… then take advantage of this marvellous medium for gently exercising and relaxing spastic muscles, having a whole body workout, and as much fun as you choose!

Here is a PowerPoint presentation Aquatic Therapy (2.8 MB) that you can download that gives a whole range of different ways to exercise in water safely and effectively. The presentation also goes into the background behind the exercises and describes what is going on in the body so that we can understand what we are both trying to achieve and trying to avoid to get maximum benefit.

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  1. Hydrotherapy at the Base Hospital has been of the single most benefit to my HSP condition. I am able to work hard without fear of pain or falling over and I come away with a feeling of physical tiredness but well being. I also work out in my own pool but the warm water at the hospital gives more benefit. The exercise physiologist has helped out with specific exercises and I like to add in a bit of running (because I can’t do it out of the pool). I try to go twice a week.

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