Beach Wheelchairs

Available right around Australia

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Summer’s coming!!! Who doesn’t love time on the beach? But it can be hard, even very hard for the gait impaired.


However beach wheelchairs are available all over Australian beaches, many free, some for a refundable deposit, some for a hire fee and some available for several days at a time.


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The LoveDexter website was put together, with much effort, by families who discovered what a great resource this is, and wanted to share the information. Information may have changed, so call ahead about the gear, time and place you’re interested in.

Here are other websites with relevant information:

Disabled Surfers Association


Achievable Concepts


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If you’d rather buy a beach wheelchair of your own, rather than borrow one, here are some options:

Independent Living Centres Australia has manual all terrain wheelchairs in their display showrooms and information on suppliers.

And they also have powered all terrain wheelchairs.

The smaller Sandpiper and the larger Sandcruiser are available.

In addition to the Sandpiper and Sandcruiser, they offer the BWA All-Terrain Chair.


Here is “The Beach Special Edition 4×4 All-Terrain Electric Wheelchair” on offer.


Have a great summer and tell us all about it for our next web update!!!


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