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Improving cognitive function

Research studies show that many people with HSP develop mild cognitive impairment as the condition progresses over the years.

This can show up in forgetfulness, increased difficulty with planning and organising things and sometimes in negative emotions or lack of emotions that can impact relationships – and all these things happening at an earlier age than would be expected from age-related degeneration.

But it is possible to train both body and mind to improve cognitive function where there is mild impairment.

Do you want to learn how you can train your body and your mind to improve your cognition? BrainFit could be for you.

BrainFit is a program that implements principles of exercise coupled with cognitive tasks, to challenge your body and your mind. In this online webinar, you will learn how working with both an Occupational Therapist and an Exercise Physiologist can help to create effective exercises for your brain and body. The BrainFit program is targeted at people with mild cognitive impairments.

This online webinar will be hosted by ARC Exercise Physiologist, Courtney Raman. Courtney has worked with a large range of neurological conditions, both in ARC and beyond. Courtney loves to work on new ways to provide the best evidence-based therapy for her clients, as well as keeping exercise fun and enjoyable.

Courtney Raman

Join us from the comfort of your own home on the 20th of June at 10 am to learn about ARC’s BrainFit Program with Exercise Physiologist Courtney Raman. www.archealth.com.au

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  1. I missed the June 10th webinar but because I’m interested in the topic, went to Arc Health’s website and found a recording of the program. Very interesting! I believe I’ll be able to incorporate some of what I learned into my own workouts.

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