Changes to HSPRF Committee

Changing Roles

Robin Bligh, co-founder and in inaugural president of the HSPRF announced in October that he was stepping down. We all owe a huge debt of gratitude to Robin as our achievements as a Foundation are a direct reflection of his leadership and foresight. The fact that the Foundation played a major role in getting a gene testing service for all Australians at risk of HSP and also in the highly promising stem cell study underway at present, can both be largely put down to Robin’s energy and initiative. Robin will continue as a committee member focusing on research and grant submissions from funding bodies.

Retiring from the Committee is inaugural member Judith Harris who has and continues to be a staunch supporter and advocate for the Foundation and for HSPers in general.  Thank You Judith!

New Faces

Subsequent to the very successful Workshop and AGM held in Melbourne in August, it is with pleasure that we welcome Victorians Hayden Laundry and Christine McCorkell as newly elected members of the Committee. Joining them are Ken Price of Brisbane and Frank McKeown of Sydney.

Check out profiles of the Foundation’s Committee members.

and an additional Thank You

Finally a huge vote of thanks to supporter, community member and previous Vice President Grant Rickard who provides the conference call facility for Committee meetings, and has done so for some years now.  Thank You Grant!