Christmas Giving

Help get to $100,000 in 2010

$30,000 to go!

As you can see from the fundraising gauge on the homepage, we are just short of $70,000 on the way to our $100,000 target for calendar year 2010. The $70,000 we have raised so far this year has been largely due to your fantastic support of a solid and successful end-of-tax-year campaign in June, as well as sponsored events with community members entering fun runs, and a successful grant application to a philanthropic trust.

Now we come to the second major stage of fundraising for the year — Christmas Giving. We need just over $30,000 to reach our target for the year and keep funding stem cell research on HSP, specifically the new two-year project Identifying Therapeutic Drug Candidates for treating HSP.

Help fund HSP research instead of Christmas presents

This year instead of giving Christmas presents, give the equivalent amount as a gift to the HSP Research Foundation. Ask your family, loved ones and friends to do the same — make a gift to the Foundation rather than giving you presents. Let them know what you are doing and suggest they do the same, that is give an equivalent gift to the Foundation rather than buying presents, and to ask those who would give them presents to give a gift to the Foundation instead.

Last chance for 2010!

For those of you who did not give during the June campaign, now is your chance to contribute and help us reach the $100,000 target required for the year. Remember we ask you to give only twice a year… you will not hear from us again until May/June next year. Take this opportunity to make your Christmas more meaningful than ever… and remember, all gifts of $2 or more can be claimed as a tax deduction next year.

We will e-mail everyone with all the details within the next week, but if you are ready now, your Christmas gift to the Foundation is most welcome!

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