City2Surf Fun Run 2010

Running to support HSP

Sydney’s Sun-Herald City2Surf, presented by Westpac, turned 40 in spectacular style, with a record 80,000 entrants in the world’s largest run creating a colourful human wave through Sydney’s eastern suburbs. A record total of more than $2.7 million was raised for more than 500 charities.

Raising money for HSP research in this year’s event were Charles Fellner (who participated with 7 work colleagues), Chris Hall (with wife Wendy, sister Susan and work colleague Radha) and Therese’s Terriers (Therese Bligh’s family —  father-in-law Robin, sons Matt & Sam and nephews both named Joshua). Charles and Chris have both been in the event multiple times, while the Terriers are all first-timers.

Together this energetic and dedicated bunch raised around $10,500 through sponsorships from family and friends for their efforts over the gruelling hilly course from downtown Sydney to the surf at Bondi.

Charles in action

Charles said “The C2S is always a  great day out and this year was no exception.  The weather was brilliant and the feedback from everyone that I spoke to was that we all enjoyed ourselves. A perfect day.

I organised the team from the company I work for (GBST) to participate and eight of us raised money for various charities along the way”.

Chris said “On the Saturday night before the event, at about 10:45pm, I had raised funds to identify as the tenth highest individual fundraiser, following the donation by ‘Clancy’, but then the individual I had just passed received a donation of $600.00, and Wendy and I assumed the donation was probably from a team of medical practitioners, and hard to beat!!!!

Chris chats with colourful entrants

I have run it in the past but this year I walked the 14km using walking sticks to hold me up. It was certainly the longest and hardest C2S I have completed. My wife Wendy, and sister Susan and a good work friend Radha, walked with me. We finished in the honorable position of last, with the time of 5 hours and 15 minutes, but well ahead of over 12,000 participants who did not finish. If capable, I will do it again next year”.

Robin commented “The Therese’s Terriers team was to consist of 7. However David (Therese’s husband) suffered a calf malfunction while training and Jacob (another of Therese’s nephews) hurt his ankle at footy the day before and could not compete. (Editor’s Note: HSPRF Inaugural President Robin Bligh is closer to 80 years old than 70. What a fantastic achievement!)

Robin in full stride

The results for the 14km for the team were:

Matthew     1 hr   21min and  33sec

Joshua B     1       25              11

Joshua L     1       25              51

Sam           1       39              43

Robin          2       03              10

There were 79,995 others in the event with many in front and many behind when we finished. I checked the team the following day and we were all sore in similar limbs but not sorry. We all soaked up the atmosphere on this beautiful Sydney day and a good time was had by all”.

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