COVID-19, stress & gait deterioration

HSPers share their experiences


People with HSP are reporting that their gait has become noticeably worse recently due to the stress of COVID-19.  Below are some comments from people with HSP in an online forum.


“I wouldn’t class myself as vulnerable as such… Where I would say I’m vulnerable though is due to the stress all of this is causing me through the behaviour of others …  my walking has gone much worse …. I think it may depend which type of HSP you have and what your personal symptoms are. They say a vulnerable group includes neurological disorders”


“My walking has deteriorated in lockstep (pardon the pun) with the spread of the virus — and for the exact same reasons you described — panic and hype. For the first time in my life I think I need counselling, actually. It just all seems so selfish when you look at the big picture. I never considered myself much of a worry wart, but this pandemic has me freaked”


“My employer graciously advised me to stay home. That was last week, actually. This week, he gave that same message to all my healthy able-bodied co-workers. Crazy, scary times right now for everyone. The stress alone has agitated my symptoms three-fold. (I can’t even fathom how all this is affecting people with pre-existing mood/psychological issues.)”


What can you do?

On the physical side, get creative about physical activities that can compensate for the loss of access to the gym, pool or community centre that you used to regularly attend. There are plenty of good ideas on the Internet for using gravity, bodyweight, everyday household items – walls, beds, sofas and chairs, to get a good full body stretch and workout.


On the mental side, it is probably a good idea to revisit the comprehensive five-part series on achieving and maintaining good mental health that is archived on this website. Have a look through these ideas and tools and put as much effort into mental health as into physical health. However if anxiety or depression have got the upper hand at present, don’t be slow to reach out and ask others for help.



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