I spent my childhood in Sydney before accepting a transfer to a school in Port Macquarie twenty one years ago. My very supportive wife and I built a home among the trees at Sarah’s Creek near Wauchope and have been here ever since. We have five children ranging from thirty to twenty years and none have displayed any signs of HSP. In fact no one in my family has shown any signs.

At the lighthouse

I was diagnosed at 52 and although it came as a surprise it did explain my gait and lack of leg strength over the years that I thought was ‘normal’. I have been fortunate to have a good network of doctors, specialists and employer who have been able to support me and now at age 55 am still able to work as a Support Teacher (just). I carry a walking stick – mostly for balance.

Almost two years ago I had an arthroscope on my left knee and this improved my movement and recently have been having some pain in my right knee so I may be lining up for another.

Since my diagnosis I have tried to increase my fitness and was able to use a Health Plan (after reading about it on this site) to see a Physiotherapist who has access to a gym and hydrotherapy pool.

Playing golf

This has been a revelation and I now have hydro twice a week. I mix it up at home with the punching bag, static bike and swiss ball exercises. I like to play 9 holes of golf each week now made much easier on my golf scooter.

I really enjoy playing a variety of musical instrument and have recently joined a ukulele group. Playing the ukulele with a group just makes me smile.


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