I was born in Subiaco in 1963; a suburb that is close to Perth. I am the youngest of five children. I grew up in the Perth suburb of Yokine in a fibro house.  I first went to school at Tuart Hill Primary School. I had a suburban growing up.

While at primary school, I wondered why other kids my age could kick a footy much further than I could.

When I was old enough, I went to Tuart Hill Senior High School. I did not like high school and found I needed to move to a different senior high school to complete years eleven and twelve. I moved to Balcatta Senior High School. The high schools I went to were public schools with about half of all students leaving school at the end of year ten to find work. Some students completed trade studies when they left school. I was one of these students.

I went on to Balga TAFE and completed a trade in sheet metal. I thought there must be more to life than I knew. Not long after completing the trade I went to Edith Cowan University where I completed a Bachelor of Arts degree and soon after I went to Murdoch University where I completed a theology degree. I must be one of the few lay people in Australia with a degree in theology from a major university.

While at Murdoch University, I wondered why other students could walk down the stairs much easier and quicker than I could. I would not be diagnosed with HSP until years later.

I married in 1984 while I was studying. I have four children and one grandchild. My wife and all the children are very special to me. I enjoyed my work in the towns of Meekatharra and Moora in country WA and then returned with my family to live in the northern suburbs of Perth.

Active sports participant
Active sports participant

Over the years, I developed many enjoyments and interests. I rode a unicycle, bicycle and a motorcycle for many years until my HSP got in the way of these. I was involved in archery for many years, until my HSP advanced enough to spoil my shooting. I am still interested in archery, cycling, digital electronics, church history, photography, economics, sustainability, home-made CNC routers, website building, reading and woodwork. I frequently use a recumbent ‘tadpole’ tricycle to exercise my legs. I sometimes think I’m interested in too many things.

I have been diagnosed with HSP since 1996 and have retired from work due to my HSP in 2007. I can no longer walk unaided and use a variety of equipment to keep me involved in the community.


  1. hi david.

    my story is quite similiar to your story. I am the youngest of 5 and also my sister the second child has HSP. I am 51 and can feel the condition is getting worse. I am still able to walk around but the legs are becoming stiffer and weaker as time goes by.

    Good to hear that you stay active and live as actively as possible.

    regards john

  2. Hi David, I have known of my hsp condition only for 8 years now. All the way thought something was a bit off, but was told it is all in my head as people say. I use a stick – sometimes I try to walk without a cane but very slowly. I know if I fall, apart from hurting my shoulders and back again, I have a real battle to get to my feet…But trying not let it get the better of me. I was looking at another site yesterday… A guy call Francis started up a group of hsp people ..But he died from it after 10 years. I try to do things to keep upright. I get a lot of swollen joints, ie lower back, legs, shoulder, painful wrist, dodgy knees that don’t want to do their job. But as I keep telling people, everybody carries a cross…In their mind or body.

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