Dr Kishore Kumar

Dr Kishore Kumar

Dr. Kishore Kumar is a neurologist and neurogeneticist at the Garvan Institute and Concord Repatriation General Hospital. He has worked on HSP since his Ph.D. studies in 2011-2014 at Royal North Shore Hospital with Prof Carolyn Sue and Prof Christine Klein, investigating the use of targeted gene panels for genetic testing in HSP. He subsequently confirmed the effectiveness of screening the entire genetic code using whole-genome sequencing for genetic diagnosis in HSP.

More recently, he has led the HSP group for the MDSGene database, an international effort to provide a comprehensive, systematic overview of published data on inherited movement disorders. His role on the Foundation Research Team includes clinical trial planning and authoring grant funding applications.


    1. Editor’s note: CRISPR gene editing technology is now used in some HSP research studies for gene editing, but was initially thought of as not feasible as a clinical treatment. Fairly recently, the prospect has been raised of further developing and improving CRISPR technology with a view to using it for gene editing on people with HSP in a clinical setting.

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