Foot drop walking assist device

This relatively simple Ankle-foot Orthosis (AFO) aims to prevent foot drop experienced by many HSPers, that leads to the toes and feet dragging or catching.

A Texas company is producing the AFO, which has a strap or hooks to go around the ball of the foot, and connecting to an ankle brace by adjustable tension springs to accommodate for the different amounts of assistance required from person to person in getting the toes up.

If you are interested, talk with your physiotherapist or occupational therapist or podiatrist to see if it might be right for you.

Currently we do not know if this device is available in Australia, although the US company does have an order form on their website.


Disclaimer: We have no information on the effectiveness of this device and are not recommending it. We bring it to you here solely for information purposes. A good idea with assistive technologies is “Try before you Buy”.


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