Foundation AGM October

The 2011 Annual General Meeting of the Foundation was held at Hornsby RSL Club on 16 October with a quorum of 15 members in attendance.

Elections of office bearers and committee members was conducted in accordance with the Constitution and the new committee installed.

Here are the minutes of the meeting:

  1. Registration
  2. Welcome, Agenda run-thru, Apologies
  3. Confirmation of Minutes from last AGM
  4. President’s Report
  5. Treasurer’s Report
  6. Election of Office Bearers & Committee Members
  7. General Business – none.

APOLOGIES: Ken Price, Therese Bligh, Colleen Hickey, Rolf Muller, Susan Williams, Tim Xiros

TRIBUTE: The meeting observed a minute’s silence on the occasion of the first anniversary of the passing of our esteemed Vice President, Con Xiros.

CONFIRMATION OF MINUTES from last AGM: A resolution was put that the minutes of the 2010 AGM be taken as read and confirmed.

Proposed: Judith Harris        Seconded: Robyn Lunn         Passed unanimously.


Reference was made to the Annual Report that had previously been sent to members. President Frank McKeown spoke briefly about progress with the stem cell research project, about the growth and development of the HSP community over the previous 12 months, and also about positive developments in how the Foundation does business.


Reference was made to the Annual Report, which had previously been sent to members. Treasurer Steve Lunn highlighted the major items in the audited statements and referenced the secure financial position of the Foundation.

A resolution to accept the Annual Report comprising the President’s Report, the Treasurer’s Report and the Audited Financial Statements was put.

Proposed: Colin Harris         Seconded: Chris Hall             Passed unanimously.


Lunch following the 2011 AGM


The following nominations were received from the floor at the meeting:

President: Frank McKeown Nominated: Steve Lunn Seconded: Robin Bligh

Vice President: Robin Bligh Nominated: Peter Jones Seconded: Chris Hall

Secretary: open

Treasurer: Steve Lunn Nominated: Brendon Flood Seconded: Peter Jones

Committee Positions:

Ken Price Nominated: Frank McKeown Seconded: Chris Hall

Chris Hall Nominated: Frank McKeown Seconded: Robyn Lunn

Tim Xiros Nominated: Frank McKeown on Seconded: Judith Harris

As there were no other nominations, the candidates nominated are taken to be elected as per the Constitution.

Meeting closed 1:15pm


Following the meeting, there was a get-together and socialising over lunch.

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