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Toyota and Ritchies IGA add to the total


The total amount raised in this calendar year to date is almost $53,000 on the way to the 2015 target of $80,000. The end of financial year fundraising campaign in June attracted a total of $32,394.


Thank you to all who gave so generously! An issue of concern however is that fewer than 20% of community members have given anything in the past year, so what about the other 80%?


If you are one of the 80%, please give serious consideration to contributing something this year. After all, it is up to us… those of us with a stake in HSP and in finding an effective treatment for it who have most to gain. And the reality is that we get no government funding or any other funding falling from the sky. The large, high-profile charities have a lock on public giving through extensive, intensive and expensive fundraising campaigns with TV advertising, telemarketing and street collecting. The public at large are prepared to give to those causes, but show little interest in supporting little charities like ours … and there are hundreds of little charities like us.



Ritchies IGA

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Ritchies IGA chain of supermarkets and liquor stores across Victoria, New South Wales and Queensland will donate 0.5% of the total spent in all their stores where HSP Research Foundation community benefit cards are presented at the checkout. So if you know of a Ritchies store near you, get your community benefit card, quoting HSP Research Foundation (number 93860) and do as much of your shopping there as you can.


Community members Leanne and daughter Aleacia (photo at right) from Narre Warren in Victoria were the first to get their card and start to raise money for HSP research. Leanne says, “Now anyone can support HSP research every time they shop at a Ritchies IGA. So, get into your local Ritchies IGA, get your card and start raising funds… and tell your friends!”.



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Toyota Financial Services

Toyota Financial Services have a Community Grants Fund that provided $1,000 to support HSP research at the request of one of their employees who is an HSP community member.


Thanks Toyota! Our sincere appreciation for your generosity.


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  1. My employer runs a dollar for dollar matching program out of pre-tax pay. People should definitely look into this possibility at their work.

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