Franjo ( Frank)

Franjo working out

I’m 57 years old, living with HSP for the last 20 years. My wife initially thought that I may have a lower back issue. However, after consulting my local doctor I was referred to a specialist who diagnosed me with HSP. Sometimes I feel like Robinson Crusoe, even though I have a beautiful and caring wife, two children – a boy and a girl, and a granddaughter.

Enjoying a cruise

Life has been very kind to me. After I retired a few years back, we built a new house and have travelled overseas. The situation with my health has deteriorated, both physical and mental since that point and I am unsure of how far it will progress. I’m trying to do as much as I can while I can. I am doing a lot of exercises and I do hope that a cure can be found.



PS. the gene test came back negative, so it puts me back to the beginning.


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  1. Franjo, I am almost 56 and have lived with HSP for only 3 years but your comment about sometimes feeling like Robinson Crusoe regardless of having family around really resonates with me. Good luck Buddy.

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