Fundraising Progress in 2013

End of financial year campaign


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Community members contributed $27,685 in the June end-of-financial-year fundraising campaign, giving us a total so far for 2013 of $29,209. Check out the fundraising gauge on the website homepage.


Well done and thank you to all who gave so generously!


Unfortunately giving is down substantially this year from the $43,626 for the same campaign last year, a drop of almost 37%. All forms of fundraising are down so far this year… direct gifts, social gatherings, sponsorship of event participants, and as reported earlier in the year, no philanthropic grants.

So we are facing challenging times ahead in the quest to continue funding research towards a cure for HSP.

We desperately need all the help we can get, and need you, members of the HSP community to get creative and find ways to hit our $75,000 target for 2013.

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