Fundraising record in 2012

Total of $115,382 raised


2012 Total

The 2012 fundraising effort delivered new record results. After almost $112,000 was raised in 2011 – the most ever, the 2012 effort delivered a grand total of $115,381.94, just short of the $120,000 target set for the year … a magnificent effort to guarantee the continuance of the Towards a Cure for HSP Research Program.

The Christmas campaign brought in $18,676, which is a very pleasing increase on last year’s. That’s something to be pleased and proud of.

Well done and Thank You to all who gave so generously!


Where it came from

This total was achieved through the combined generosity of the HSP community, event sponsorships initiated by community members, and through philanthropic grants. And remember that more than 95 cents of every dollar raised goes directly to fund research to find a cure for HSP.


Plans for 2013

Research plans for 2013 (see the Stem Cell Research report in the Research Highlights section) indicate a need for funding for materials used in the ongoing drug screening work.

Plans are in development to test potential drug cures on HSP laboratory animals HSP, possibly mice. This is an expensive undertaking and the researchers will look to the Foundation to provide funding for this.

The money spent on the ongoing stem cell research is an excellent investment in finding and developing a cure for HSP. We will be encouraging you to give generously again in June, and very much appreciate and look forward to your continuing support.



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