Fundraising totals for 2011

2011 Total

The 2011 fundraising effort delivered great results. After a $15,000 shortfall in 2010, we raised the target in 2011 to $115,000 and by year’s end the amassed total amounted to $111,918, almost a third more than 2010… now that’s something to be pleased and proud of. Well done!


How it is being used

This total was achieved through the combined generosity of the HSP community, event sponsorships initiated by community members, and through philanthropic grants. More than 95 cents of every dollar raised goes to fund research to find a cure for HSP… and this is a big year on that front. The first grant of $50,000 from the Foundation this year for the stem cell research project has just been made.


2012 Target

The Foundation has set a target of $120,000 for 2012 based on expenditure for materials used in the drug screening part of the stem cell research project, as well as support for employment costs of the researchers. In this Autumn edition of the website, each of the 5 members of the stem cell research team has written about their individual role and how they contribute to the project. Read that article here.

The money spent on the stem cell research project is an excellent investment in finding and developing a cure for HSP. We will be encouraging you to give generously later in the year, and very much appreciate and look forward to your continuing support.


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