Garden Club donates $2,000

Garden Club donates $2,000 for HSP research

Thanks to HSPRF members Col and Judy Harris taking the initiative, their local Garden Club recently made a $2,000 donation.

Judy writes:
We are members of a very fine garden club, which among other things, conducts an ever growing OPEN GARDEN weekend. The funds raised are distributed to worthy causes, some related to the local area and others such as the district hospital, Cancer research, various medical appeals, Riding for the Disabled or those suggested by the members who have a special interest. This year we whispered into the ears of the committee that there was a new Research Foundation struggling to get off the ground and lo, $2,000.00 came our way!

So get involved, get your relatives involved with local organisations and put HSP and the HSP Research Foundation on their ‘radar’. The more people are aware, the more funds we raise AND the more medical professionals become aware of HSP, which can only lead to better diagnoses and services.

Find out what you can do to take the initiative and raise funds to find a cure for HSP.