Gene Testing Project

Posted - March 2007 in HSPRF News

Gene Testing Project reports good progress

At the 6-month point (10/’06) of the Gene Testing Project funded by the HSP Research Foundation, members of the Foundation met with researchers from the Anzac Research Institute (ARI) to discuss and report on progress with tests for 2 HSP genes – Spastin and Atlastin.  Robin Bligh, Dr. Tanya Applegate and Tim Xiros of the Foundation met with Prof. Garth Nicholson, Dr. Marina Kennerson and Alex Drew of the ARI.  The group also had a brief tour of the laboratory where the research is being carried out.  Read the full report (pdf document; 20KB)

group of five people looking at work in research lab
left to right – Garth Nicholson, Marina Kennerson, Alex Drew,
Tanya Applegate and Robin Bligh check out the ARI Lab.

HSP Research Foundation President Robin Bligh is hopeful of commencing Stage 2 of the Gene Testing Project following the completion of Stage 1 at the end of April ‘07.  $80,000 is needed for the testing of a further 3 genes. The 5 genes then covered by the ARI Gene Testing Project will account for about 75% of all cases of HSP.