Gene Testing Service within sight

A 3 gene test for HSP covering half of all cases will be finalised by the ANZAC Research Institute by the end of April. 

3 Gene Test

In a slight change of direction to previous plans, a 3 gene test is now considered to be the best bet for making reliable, affordable genetic testing available to all Aussie HSPers.  In another breakthrough, the Australian research has yielded tests that are more accurate and reliable than many available overseas.

Start-up Funding Needed

In associated news, the HSP Research Foundation is seeking a further $30,000 to fund start–up costs associated with the Testing Service.  The service, to be provided by the South West Sydney Area Health Service of NSW Health, will be available to neurologists and clinical geneticists for HSPers Australia wide.  The actual cost (neither Medicare nor private health funds refund the cost of genetic tests) and the launch date for the service are expected to be known in the near future.