German HSP association wins “Google Impact Challenge”

Thank you message to all who voted in support


 The German HSP team
The German HSP team

In early February, we told you about a German HSP group who made an application to the Google Impact Challenge and ask you to vote your support for their initiative.


The good news is that they won one of the €10,000 prizes and can now get started on their plan. Group convener, Rudi Kleinsorge, sent through this thank you note to everyone in Australia who voted in support of their initiative.


Dear friends

We recently asked you to vote for our project in the “Google Impact Challenge”. Today we can say with great pleasure that our group has won 10,000 Euros for the realization of the project “Participation Despite HSP“. We would like to thank you for your votes, with which you have secured us a place in the Top100. Without you this would not have been possible!

Yours sincerely,
Rudi Kleinsorge & Lothar Riehl

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