Get the most out of neurologist appointment

Tips and advice


How frustrating is it to realize that you forgot that important question you should have asked… while on your way home from seeing the neurologist. I think that happens to many of us. We’ll surely all go for more doctors’ visits and have less time with the doctor than we would like.


But there is a useful article in the December 2012/January 2013 issue of NeurologyNow titled Be Prepared!  How to make the most of office time with your neurologist.  Here are some highlights or view the entire article.


Most helpful is about what to bring for your doctor. Very very important is:


  • List of top three things you want to discuss. We’re told to order it in terms of priority with the most urgent first.


  • Bringing a Symptom Diary is suggested.


  • And I love this one, Bringing A Friend or Relative. It can be easy to get flustered when the doctor is examining you and another set of eyes and ears with a pen and paper can make clear the doctor’s orders and concerns.


It’s also suggested that we bring:

  • Test Results
  • Medication List
  • Previous Medical Records
  • Insurance Information and
  • List of Other Health Care Providers.


One further suggestion, recently an HSPer on the SPF chatline talked about how she kept all her important information in a special folder in a specific place, to make medical visits as easy and effective as possible.  Be prepared!


Your involvement in your own care will help ensure that all your doctors have access to your health information and help them provide you with the best care possible.


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