Getting in and out of the car

Handy devices for HSPers

Independent Living Centres Australia are in the business of helping make everyday living easier for those with disabilities. Assistive technologies help people to maximise their independence and their ability to manage everyday tasks whether in the home, workplace, or out in the community. Independent Living Centres’ website lets you search for products by state and category. You’ll find assistive gear you never knew existed. In this edition, we’ll show you some of the Transportation related products that are available.

Car Caddie – Portable Clip-on Handle

Car Caddie


A portable handle that clips onto the frame of the car door, allowing the user to move from sitting to standing by pulling themselves up. Costs around $20.









using the Handybar

A slip resistant handlethat can be temporarily fixed into the door striker of a vehicle, to provide a support bar that assists people when getting in and out of the car. Costs around $80.






Swivel Seat Pads

swivel cushion

Immedia Easy Turn Swivel Cushion

A lightweight and portable seat swivel device with a slip resistant base and cotton or velour top. It is designed to enable a user to pivot around 180 degrees. Use it in the car to make it easier to swing your legs in once you sit down. The seat swivel device is suitable for use in a car or bed.





turn pad

Pelican Handi Soft Turn Pad

A soft transfer disc used to assist with sitting transfers on a chair, car seat or bed. This turntable, swivel seat style of transfer aid enables independent and assisted seated pivot transfers.  Priced from $95.








Leg Lifters

leg lifter


leg lifter close-up

A reinforced nylon webbing strap with a rigid loop and stem at one end and a soft hand loop at the other end, with lifting loops positioned along stem. It is designed to hook over a foot to assist in lifting it. Available in two models for one foot or two feet.










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