Leave a Bequest

Do you know that you can give any amount by bequest?

Many people think that making a bequest means leaving everything you have to charity. That’s not the case – you can leave a fixed amount – even $1,000, or a residual amount after other things have been taken care of.

After making provision in your will for your family and those close to you, please consider including Australia’s HSP Research Foundation as a beneficiary.  In making a bequest, you not only secure a positive impact on the lives of those with HSP whom you love, but also establish a lasting influence on future generations at risk of inheriting HSP.  Your bequest means more research can be done, which means a cure is that much closer to discovery.

Your Will

Preparing a will is one of those things that many of us just don’t get around to doing or, if family circumstances change, don’t get around to altering.  However if you have assets of value and people you care about, then a will that reflects your wishes, really is a ‘must-do now!’

Wills can be prepared by a solicitor – a good idea for larger estates or complicated ownership of assets, or made at home using a kit that can be purchased at your local Post Office or on-line from websites including www.do-it-yourself-wills.com.au and www.aussielegal.com.au.  To be legally binding, a will must be properly prepared and witnessed. Here is an Australian government website link to information on wills in all States and Territories.

Here is the preferred wording for a bequest to the HSP Research Foundation:

the whole of my estate, or

______% of my estate, or

the residue of my estate (or ___% of the residue of my estate), or

the sum of $ _______, or

my units/shares in ___________________ Trust/Ltd, or

my real property situated at [insert street address] having the title
reference _________________,

to the HSP Research Foundation Inc, ABN 46 648 875 912
PO Box 4064

to be used for the general purpose of the HSP Research Foundation Inc. and I DIRECT that the receipt of the public officer or other proper person for the time being in this organisation shall be a full and sufficient discharge to my trustee/executor for the payment of such benefit.”

If you do not have a legal advisor or solicitor and would like help finding one, email us.


What to Give?

In making a bequest, here are some ideas to assist:

  • a specific sum
  • shares and other material assets
  • a percentage of your estate
  • the residue of your estate once other bequests have been made.

For more information about giving or to discuss a bequest to the HSP Research Foundation – write or email us:

HSP Research Foundation
P.O. Box 4064

email: [email protected]