Giving in December

A long way to reach our goal

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With the Christmas holiday season and the end of 2013 upon us, we find ourselves not yet halfway to this year’s goal of $75,000, having received just $29,000 so far.


We have over $45,000 to go to hit our target of $75,000 in 2013


… and for that, we will need the support of everyone.


We ask you to give only twice a year, in June and December, and we call on everyone to continue to invest in finding a cure for HSP. You can give any day of the week, and any time of day or night by clicking on the orange GIVE tab at the right-hand end of the menu bar on any page.


More research needed

Planning for 2 new research projects is well advanced… each is designed to provide a required level of validation for the potential drug cures now being tested on nasal stem cells. The first new testing and validation project being planned would create human corticospinal neurons affected by HSP using induced pluripotent stem cells. These neurons would be identical to those found in the brain stem of people with HSP and are the location where any drug would have to do its work to cure HSP. The second project would test the drugs on mice with HSP and assess how well the drugs work at both the cellular level and in reversing HSP symptoms such as impaired walking. These projects are essential to qualifying potential drugs for clinical trials so that a drug cure may one day be generally available to treat HSP.


We are facing challenging times in the quest to continue funding research towards a cure for HSP. Together we can meet that challenge… please give generously to ensure vital research can be undertaken.


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  1. Thanks for another great website update! It matters to me that when my physio said to shift from a cane to trekking poles, I could search your archive to know how to find the right gear. It matters to me that I improved my diet (and health and regularity) after reading your articles about bodily functions. (Who’d have guessed our poo is 75% water?!!) Those are just a couple of examples.
    You have the most info-packed and helpful English language HSP website of them all and I value very much all the work a few of you are doing. Because I want a cure for HSP more than anything else and because it matters to me if we find a cure sooner rather than later, I’m going, as soon as I finish this post, to make a contribution to your foundation. I will make a contribution with every web update and every time you ask for contributions. I can not give millions. I wish I could. But I will make contributions now and in future because I want the people doing so much work to know that I enormously appreciate their efforts and because I want research to continue QUICKLY until HSP is cured.

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