Hands free wheelchair

Handles rough terrain


Imagine a wheelchair that is faster, smaller and lighter weight than the others. Now imagine that two-wheeled mobility device being hands free and operated as the rider shifts or rotates his core in any direction!


(Therapists are excited about the core involvement, and therefore strengthening, going on here.)


Ogo wheelchair

This is all possible with the Ogo (previously called Omeo) transportation device. It’s a wheelchair built on a Segway base and the New Zealand inventor Kevin Halsall says that with larger wheels, this wheelchair becomes an all terrain vehicle that will do 20 kilometers per hour on beach sand! He says that in this wheelchair, disabled riders will be able to push a lawn mower again, and while this idea might not excite you, this is a game changer!


One of our community members has tried it and is very enthusiastic – he says he can play tennis on it! The Omeo can turn on its own axis and is one of the most compact and manoeuverable chairs available.


Assembled in Wellington New Zealand, authorized Agents can assess needs, arrange trials, help with explaining the features of the Ogo.


To find an agent, look here: https://omeotechnology.com/agents/


Here are over 80 Youtube videos:   https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCEet2cXlz1QMAFGSSkcXhzQ



And their Ogo/Omeo website: https://omeotechnology.com/

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