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You know how ugly HSPers’ shoes can get, with the front of the shoe ruined from toe dragging? Here is a new product that’s easy to work with and can repair the damage and give you more useful life with your shoes. The product is called SUGRU. It’s a new product written about in the Financial Times (Make and Mend  – March 30/31, 2013).

Sugru do some quirky marketing and packaging and this product will have many uses but here’s what I learned.  The product comes in packets of various sizes and colors. I ordered the deal with 3 small (5g) black foil packets of goo.

repairs to the tips
repairs to the tips

The product is easy to work with (and reminds me of Play Dough). It’s easy to shape and press into place but has only a 30 minute working time. Then it cures completely in 24 hours. It’s waterproof and temperature resistant. I thought too late to take ‘before’ photos of my ugly shoes but here’s the ‘after’ shot.

Having worn these repaired shoes on and off for about 10 days I noticed today that I kicked off or scraped off the Sugru repair patch on my ‘bad’ side. While Sugru didn’t make my shoes as good as new… it is the best and easiest to use product for this kind of shoe repair that I’ve yet come across and I will buy more and continue to repair rather than replace my scraped up shoes.

The way I ordered the product is a little expensive, but heck – buying new shoes all the time is even more expensive! In future I’ll buy a larger amount of the stuff (the 8 pack rather than the 3 pack) but it has a limited shelf life of about 6 months, longer if kept in the fridge. Buying the larger sized packet (20g rather than 5g) that holds more Sugru might work… I’ll need to think about the 30 minute work time.  I found that with one 5g packet I could repair 1 shoe. Of course that depends on the damage, size and soles of shoes.


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A common symptom of HSP is having a high arched foot. A community member says she has had success with a product she saw on TV called Strutz.

Strutz is sold as a pair of slip on cushioned arch supports that can be worn with shoes, sandals and even barefooted, so it saves the cost and effort of buying inserts for every pair of shoes. Strutz can be found in various places online and also on eBay and Gumtree.


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