HSP and neuropathy

Sandy writes: I have HSP and neuropathy and have not found anything for the pain.  I have tried everything for pain including a trial for a spinal cord stimulator.  If anyone has an answer for this I would like to hear from them.


  1. When neuropathy first presented for me I didn’t know exactly what it was, thought it was just another HSP symptom. However once it had been identified the neurogeneticist I’ve been seeing for a few years suggested I try Gabapentin. While not completely dealing with the issue, some days nothing will really help, it has lessened the adverse impact. I’ve been using it for a few years now along with Baclofen as an antispasmodic. We did try another drug earlier on but without much success. I can’t recall the name of that though sorry.

    Best wishes sorting this issue.

  2. I have had neuropathy for 17 years and have tried every thing that one Dr could think to try and so far nothing has helped. My onset of HSP was about 10 years ago. My son has had HSP for 35 years and has used a wheelchair for much of that time, now he has neuropathy and can’t take the side effects of any medication. I take 3600 mg of gabapentin, baclofen and Cymbalta and still have burning and pain. Wish someone would find the answer so our lives would be better.

  3. I used Baclofen for a while, did nothing for me. Specialist put me on Dantrium. That helped me so much with spasms and pain – just an idea.

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