HSP DVDs for sale

German and French DVDs on different aspects of HSP have been made.

A DVD from the German HSP group demonstrates physiotherapy programs based on the Bobath Method specific to 3 individuals at different stages of HSP symptom development:

  • Non-ambulatory [wheelchair]
  • Walking with a support frame
  • Walking independently

The DVD, with an English voiceover, is now available for purchase for $30AUD with the suggestion of sharing with a physiotherapist as an aid to developing and tailoring individual programs.

Another DVD made by the French HSP group is also available with English.  This provides an insightful look at the lives of people who have HSP, going about their daily business, and talking freely about relationships, depression and practical issues in the home and getting around. 

If you would like to buy this DVD as well, the cost is $40 for the pair.  Very limited quantities of both DVDs are available.  To order, email us.