HSP gait studies underway

Two HSP gait studies… one on children and one on adults… are currently underway in Melbourne, with the hope that results may assist with diagnosis and treatment.


The study on children is being undertaken as Ph.D. research by physiotherapist Brooke Adair. Volunteers are being called for, so please seriously consider making enquiries if you have children with HSP… it will be of benefit to all. Read the article and learn more about the study in this edition of the website in the Living with HSP section.

We wish Brooke all the best with the research and with her Ph.D.


The study on adults is an analysis of all the gait data of HSPers that have been collected over the years by the Clinical Gait Analysis Service of Southern Health.

Around 40 HSPers gait records have been collected, meaning that there is a fair chance that patterns found amongst the data may be reliable indicators of commonalities for HSP.

If you have received a letter from Southern Health requesting your approval for your data to be used in this analysis, please take the time to complete the form and give your approval as everyone will benefit.

The research team includes Dr Barry Rawicki, a rehabilitation physician who has seen a large number of HSP patients over the years and is very highly regarded, and Dr Anna Murphy, the manager of the Gait Analysis Service.

Best wishes also to this team for a successful study and we look forward to progress reports and helpful results from both.


  1. I have HSP, I’m 56 and recently underwent an assessment at the Clinical Gait Analysis Service at the Kingston Centre of Southern Health and couldn’t recommend them more highly! If they are able to assist in anyway, kids and adults with this horrible illness, good on ’em!


    1. Dear Peter,
      It is great to hear you getting behind the researchers at the Kingston Centre. I am conducting a study of walking patterns in children with HSP and have found the support of the people with HSP to be fantastic. Keep it up!

  2. Our 11 year old son, Brett, has HSP and is an outpatient at Royal Brisbane Childrens’s Hospital. He was diagnosed a few years ago. Brett has been to some of the gait labs. He didnt mind the walk around the paths to test his speed and energy levels. Anything that can help those with HSP, gathering information and building data is greatly needed in HSP research. We look forward to the day when treatment is available to everyone. As long as Brett keeps smiling and has a positive attitude we will keep praying and hoping.

  3. Hi I have HSP and both my sons do too. They have both had multi level surgery which helped a bit, but they both use wheelchairs most of the time, I also use a wheelchair. We live in the Sydney NSW area. They are 15 and 13 years old.

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