HSP groups in the US & Germany

Latest newsletters

Synapse, the Spring 2022 newsletter of the SP Foundation in the US is now available.

Newsletter Highlights

  • Letter from new president Greg Pruitt talks about Awareness Week and extending partnerships
  • Living Life with HSP – Anita talks about her life with HSP
  • Changes – Ryan writes about the changes to his body, his mind and his life with HSP
  • I Refuse to Give Up! My Experience with HSP as told by Jimmy who has SPG4
  • Celebrating KIDINS220 Awareness discusses a spike in newly diagnosed children, teens and adults who have this form of spastic paraplegia
  • Not Just Lip Service! Tips from a Speech-Language Pathologist
  • Living with HSP/PLS – Helpful Hints for Navigating Theatres, Auditoriums, and Other Public Places by Malin, a doctor with SPG4
  • Accessible you say?! Tina who has SPG7 talks about travelling
  • Community Connections.

The Tom Wahlig Foundation in Germany publishes the TWS MagazinE in German and English.

Magazine Highlights

  • Active During Lockdown – Henry and Susanne discuss the impact of the pandemic on research
  • Claudia Roth, Vice-President of the German Parliament, is a new patron of the Foundation and also a PaceMaker, one of a network of celebrities bringing attention to HSP
  • Henry’s walking challenge that raised €22,000. Henry, who spends most of his day in a wheelchair, walked over 25 km in two weeks!
  • The annual TWS Symposium that attracts the world’s leading HSP researchers held the event virtually by livestream webinar for the second time, with 2000 participants from around the world, making it the largest HSP event ever
  • Research funding awards profiling the award recipients and their projects.

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