HSP Medical Practitioner Listings

Developing a community resource

“Where can I find a neurologist who understands HSP?”

“Can you recommend a physiotherapist with HSP experience?”

With HSP such a rare and little-known disease, questions like this are very common. Getting a satisfactory answer or any answer to such questions is often not easy.

Let us know!

So we have decided to ask you, the HSP community, to let us know if you have a medical professional you would recommend to other HSPers:

  • GP/family doctor
  • neurologist or neuro-geneticist
  • physiotherapist or neuro-physiotherapist
  • occupational therapist
  • orthotist or podiatrist
  • genetic counsellor
  • orthopaedic specialist
  • or other mainstream medical or paramedical professional who knows and understands HSP and HSPers,

then please let us know! Here’s how: Using the Comments box at the end of this article, type in the following information:

  1. practitioner name:
  2. type of medical professional:
  3. contact details/location:
  4. comments e.g. what makes them good.

and click ‘Submit’. If you would prefer to use e-mail, send us the same 4 pieces of information to <[email protected]>.

Developing listings

We will collate your replies and put the listings on this website, letting you know when we do so. Over time, let’s hope we can build a resource that makes it easier for people in the HSP community to locate and contact medical professionals who can add value.

It will only take a few minutes to do… and may be of huge benefit to others in the HSP community. Do it now, fill in the Comments box below with your recommendations and information on medical professionals.

Your privacy and anonymity are guaranteed. We will publish your recommendations without any indication whatsoever of who made the recommendation.

Thank You!

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