HSPers making dreams come true

Two ‘good news’ stories


The HSPer and the football star at the school prom


Elna and Cameron
Elna and Cameron


You can still find the photos of Cleveland Browns gridiron center Cameron Erving and Elna Wright, the 17-year-old Elyria High School senior whom he took to prom Saturday, circulating over social media and across the internet.


They’re living snapshots of a weekend to remember, where their paths crossed briefly for a few hours on a warm May evening. But the memories from that night — what they mean, and how they still feel — are almost sure to last a lifetime.

Elna has HSP, is nonverbal, uses a wheelchair and is as popular as they come at Elyria High. The vivacious teenager was crowned the school’s homecoming queen and students here know her by her wide and bright smile.

“Everybody in that city knows her and she has an infectious personality,” Erving said. “And although she can’t talk, she communicates really well with people so I saw that and just the smile on her face and how she lights up a room.”

But Wright’s boyfriend passed away last fall, leaving her without a date to prom. So her parents — Ingrid and Ebony — harnessed the power of Twitter to see if one of Northeast Ohio’s athletes might be willing to accompany their daughter — a big Cleveland sports fan — to the biggest dance of the year. The rest is history… read more.

SOURCE: http://www.clevelandbrowns.com/news/article-5/Surprise-prom-date-leaves-lasting-impression-on-Browns-OL-Cameron-Erving/36b1c22c-398c-4787-9960-63aa00f339d7 Posted May 11, 2016

Surprise prom date leaves lasting impression on Browns OL Cameron Erving

Patrick Maks, Staff Writer



Tyler, the HSP wrestler redefines victory


Six years ago, Cass City (Michigan, USA) Middle School Principal Don Markel approached a skinny seventh-grader in a school cafeteria — the kid who used a walker, the kid with HSP. Markel asked him to become a wrestler.



“At first I wasn’t all for it, but he kind of talked me into it so I thought I would join the team,” said Tyler Hool, now 18 and a senior, who has wrestled for Cass City teams for six years.

“I wasn’t for it probably because I didn’t think I would be very good,” Hool said. “At first, I didn’t know.”

In truth, Hool — known in Cass City as “Hoolie” — hasn’t won many bouts in his Cass City wrestling career. He won a match in junior high, and captured his first varsity win last season against a Laker High opponent.

“He’s very valuable because he leads through example,” said Markel, now the Cass City High School/Junior High assistant principal.


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SOURCE: http://www.tuscolatoday.com/index.php/2016/02/06/cass-city-wrestler-tyler-hool-redefines-victory/

What is a win? Cass City wrestler Tyler Hool redefines ‘victory’

Posted by Tom Gilchrist on February 6, 2016




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