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‘Potato Pants’ – unique HSP fundraising idea


The Potato Pants Challenge

This uniquely HSP-inspired fundraising idea started in a school in Klosterneuburg, Austria. It grew out of a throwaway line by a mother to her daughter during a hike. See that story on this YouTube video.

… and this YouTube video of the fund raising event itself.


How about staging a Potato Pants Challenge here in Australia? Who is up for that?


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Tom Wahlig Foundation – physiotherapy treatment DVD

There is a new “teaching DVD” available on physiotherapy treatment for HSP. It is in German with English subtitles. See a sample and order the DVD here.



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US newsletter Synapse

The SP Foundation in the USA has published the Fall (Autumn) 2014 edition of their newsletter Synapse that includes an article on using exercise bands at home, a detailed report on their 2014 Conference sessions as well as social, lifestyle and health news and information.




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UK newsletter

The latest UK group newsletter, UK Newsletter Sept 2014, was published in September includes detailed reports of sessions held at their AGM, interesting fundraising stories, members letters and plenty of social news.


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