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We know that there are people and families living with HSP who visit the website for information and resources about the condition, but who are not part of our community.


We would love for you to join the community for 2 reasons:

  1. so that we can offer you the full suite of options for participating in, feeling part of, and getting connected to the HSP community and build your resource and support base, and

  2. to make our small community stronger… the more people who are involved in the community, the more resilient we are, the louder the voice we can speak with, and the more we can do and achieve together.

Joining the HSP community is absolutely free – there are no fees of any kind whatsoever. We would welcome your participation so that we can keep you up to date with all the latest HSP research, and news and information about the Foundation, the community and the people in it. This is the best way to get and stay connected with HSP issues and participate in the HSP community. As of June 1st, 2012, there are 466 members of the HSP community on the database… numbers are growing steadily.

As the website is updated only every quarter, people who are not part of the community don’t receive other news, information, education, resources, or opportunities that we circulate by e-mail from time to time.

Those in the community can contact us at any time and always receive a personal response from a real person. The Foundation is also now on Facebook and there is a global database you can join to find out who in the community lives close to you and to make contact with them.

We can also facilitate social contact between people who live close to each other but who may not know of each other’s existence. Face-to-face social contact can go a long way to reducing isolation and expanding the reach of many with HSP… and it does not cost you a cent.

So, please join today, simply by filling out this form and e-mailing it to us at [email protected]

You will be welcomed with open arms.

Frank McKeown


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  1. I have lived with this condition for nearly 30 years but was only diagnosed 5 years ago. Baclofen really helps but the stress and anxiety I have built up trying to be normal is hard to shift. Anti depressants seem to stop the baclofen! I am a full time lecturer. So glad I found this site. It is really hard to explain this condition to others! Lots of the time I look kind of normal but the strain and leg muscle issues are always there. I am still struggling to accept that I can’t do a lot of walking etc. my husband is very supportive. Would love to share experiences with other HSP’ers
    Keep smiling people and thank you for this site. 🙂

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