Kenneth Ware therapy

Keiran and his son have HSP. He writes:

We live on the Gold Coast and have been recommended to Kenneth Ware, a renowned Neuro Physicist who we have been advised may be able to help our condition using his “Tremor Theory” techniques. His website is and we were wondering if anyone has seen him for treatments or had similar elsewhere, and the reaction you may have had as a result. A Happy New Year to everyone in the HSP community, may it be a positive one for us all.


  1. I would be very skeptical when the person says 100 %, also those journals are not respected. My cell is 570-472-5125. I live in the US and was diagnosed with HSP several years ago. I graduated from Temple Med in Phila.

  2. He is not a neurophysicist. If you look on his site it explicitly says that he’s had no formal tertiary education

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