Laura & Som

Hello, my name’s Laura, I live in sunny Queensland with my very wonderful husband Som and our two very mischievous cats, Opal and Byron. I’ve been lucky to have grown up in South East Queensland with its amazing beaches, hinterland and city close by. We are a pretty busy family with lots (probably too much!) time spent at work – as we are reminded by our cats when we get home and their dinner is late – well, really they remind Som – I’ve managed to escape the task of feeding our moggies and emptying their litter trays.

Recently we toured Italy and France, by nearly all forms of transport – train, car and plane, and saw some amazing sights and countryside. We (mainly I) ate lots of delicious pastries from France’s patisseries, not forgetting the hot chocolates, which did become a daily habit (for me). However it was nice to come back to our home comforts and, in the beginning, aloof cats who didn’t want to leave their comfortable cattery.

Byron curled up in Laura’s chair

I keep as active as possible which I believe is really important as a HSPer – I do daily exercise on a treadmill and elliptical (my favourite), as well as some weights when I go to the gym, which I go to once or twice a week. Swimming is excellent during the summer and I try and add in there some stretching exercises, which I do need to do more of (reminds self).

Thanks for taking time to read this and best wishes,


  1. Hi Laura
    Looks like you had a great time touring Italy & France…I travelled way back 85 & 88/89 and had an amazing time & would really love to do some more but feel just a little unconfident so really pleased I did it when I did.
    We have a cat called Ernie (a berman) and he is the prettiest cat you have ever seen (& he knows it)everyone automatically thinks he’s a girl cause his so pretty (he has beautiful blue eyes) very spoilt but does get teased by my youngest Matt.
    Take care Laura and Im going to try to do some more exercises after looking at what you’re doing..great work!!! trees

  2. Hi Laura,
    Great to hear your story! So much that I’ve started planning my European adventure for next year! Will also give the elliptical a go at the gym this week. I usually only do the bike and the seated recumbent bike. Keep on moving!
    Cheers, Tim

  3. Hello Laura, it is lovely to hear your story. I have HSP as well & totally adore cats. I love to travel & keep fit as well. It is good that you make an effort with your exercise. Luckily I am not very badly impacted by my HSP, but my father was very badly impacted. Just over a year ago I managed to go trekking in Nepal & I was lucky enough to see Mt Everest. Keep up the great work.


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