Medicare Rebate available for HSPers


5 Allied health services per calendar year


HSPers are entitled to the Medicare Rebate for 5 Allied Health Services per calendar year under the Chronic Conditions Management Scheme which needs to be instigated by your GP.


This can cover physiotherapy, podiatry, counselling, exercise physiology, dietician, occupational therapy and other services. It is up to your GP to decide which services you can avail yourself of under the plan.

Full details of the plan and entitlements are available on the Federal Department of Health and Ageing website as follows:

Apparently GPs rarely mention the scheme to their patients, and it seems that some GPs are less willing than others to participate because of the work involved for them, however they do get paid for participating. HSP clearly fits within the guidelines for the scheme, so raise the issue with your GP and ask for what you are entitled to.

You will need to pay directly for services rendered and then submit your receipts to Medicare for reimbursement.



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