I was diagnosed as having HSP ten years ago at the age of 55.

I was eventually referred to the Physiotherapy Department of St. Joseph’s Hospital, Auburn, NSW, who as my mobility worsened introduced me to a walking stick.

Some time ago I followed a suggestion to try Aquatics. I used a kick board and flippers and afterwards my legs felt almost normal. I now do Aquatics every day I can.

A recent suggestion was that I should think about getting a walker. This alarmed me, so I decided to try a more intense exercise program.

As well as integrating as many as possible physiotherapy group exercises into my aquatics and being advised about additional aquatics, I had my bike that I once used to ride to work modified and put on a roller to facilitate doing pedalling exercises. I also surveyed the local park; it has good level paths ideal for walking exercises.

Now I have lots of exercise methods, aquatics is by far the best. I do at least two methods per day. My more intense exercise program worked! The St. Joseph’s people advise me that if I keep doing my exercise program I’ll plateau i.e., I can shelve the walker! This gives me hope, which I want to pass on to other HSPers.