National Disability Insurance Scheme

The scheme is secure… for now!


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The 2014 Federal Budget confirmed previous commitments to funding the NDIS after a couple of worrying months during which the Treasurer said the scheme might end up “as a big farce”.


There is no room for complacency from anyone in the disability community and it would be unwise to assume that the future of the scheme is totally assured at this point. Parents of disabled children say the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) is failing to deliver what was promised. It was launched nearly 10 months ago at five trial sites across Australia, and in South Australia has a focus on children up to the age of 14. But some parents say they are feeling ambushed and confused as they try to negotiate the bureaucracy. Michaela has a three-year-old son, Harry, with cerebral palsy. She says the South Australian trial of the NDIS started off well but did not last. Read the full article.

In other budget news relating to disability, people under 35 on the Disability Support Pension who started receiving support between 2008–11 will have their eligibility reviewed. There are disability support groups who are arguing that this move is in the wrong direction and won’t help secure employment for people with disability.

Here is the online version of the latest NDIS newsletter.

We want your stories

if you have already participated in the NDIS, or have a story about the Disability Support Pension, tell us about your experiences by sending us an e-mail. We will publish responses in the Spring edition of the website in early September.

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  1. I have HSP, I am 58 and on a Disability Support Pension and live in Qld where the NDIS is yet to be introduced. Do I need to do anything to register/qualify?

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