NDIS update December 2021

Fresh concerns about the scheme

Disability organisations continue to have both lingering and new concerns about various aspects and elements of the National disability insurance scheme of the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS). No sooner was there some relief when the decision to abandon independent assessments of applicants rather than by one’s own medical professionals was announced, than a new concern emerged. Legislation is being proposed that would give the CEO the power to change or alter any participant’s approved plan without notice, without consultation and without recourse. Whilst the proponents of the legislation did their best to try to position this move as being in the best interests of NDIS participants, the disability community is not buying it.

Prof Bruce Bonyhady

Highly regarded disability advocate and inaugural NDIA chair, Bruce Bonyhady, recently fronted the Senate enquiry about proposed changes to the scheme. Read the press release: …

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